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How to Build a Great Relationship with a New Boss

Working with a new boss can be a tense experience. In his book, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter, Michael D. Watkins outlines a comprehensive program for executives taking on a new role … Continue reading

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3 Things You Need to Be a Predictive Sales Organization

Do you look into your revenue future and see uncertainty? If so, that might be because you’re still looking at backward-focused data rather than making predictions based on future-focused insight. Business Intelligence vs. Predictive Analytics As early as 2013, experts … Continue reading

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How To View Failure and Roadblocks in a Positive Light

Great leaders don’t fail less than the rest of us. The truth is, they fail frequently, but successful leaders learn to see failure in a positive light. According to Patti Johnson, author of Make Waves: Be the One to Start … Continue reading

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Three Action Steps to Avoid Lackluster Sales Quarters

By David Hubbard  When revenue starts to go off plan, your gut reaction as chief sales officer or vice president of sales is probably to ratchet up the activity level of the sales force. You know the drill: institute aggressive … Continue reading

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4 Habits Leaders Should Lose in 2015

We tend to start the year with the best of intentions and high hopes. But sometimes our bad habits are hard to shake. This year, think about saying goodbye to these four simple obstacles that often impede success for sales … Continue reading

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10 Signs You’re a Great Sales Manager

  If you agree with these statements, you’re performing exceptionally well in all your roles as manager. If you come up short, it might be time for a management course or a conversation with your own manager to determine how … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Making Good Decisions

In his best-selling book, Predictably Irrational, MIT professor of behavioral economics Dan Ariely observed that resisting temptation is a universal human goal, but our failure to self-regulate is the source of much unhappiness. “When I look around, I see people trying … Continue reading

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How Leaders Inspire Teams to Take Action

To get better results from your sales meetings, study how great speakers inspire others to take action. Great leaders and great speakers all have carefully planned conclusions to speeches that inspire others to act. Think of President John F. Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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Sales Leaders, Keep Your Millennials Happy and Hungry

By Josiane Feigon  Unless otherwise noted, statistics and trends cited within are taken from “MTV Studies Millennials In The Workplace: Uses It To Transform Its Own, Maybe Even Yours.” Millennials are rocking the sales world big time. We love their … Continue reading

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How to Move Up in Your Organization: 4 Tips from Legendary Leaders

If you’re interested in moving up to a higher position in your organization, prove you can think strategically — beyond quota — toward the good of the company as a whole. Use these tips to get started. Find effective strategies. Vision is … Continue reading

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