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How to Help Your Reps Stand Out on Sales Calls

By Lisa Earle McLeod Imagine two competing salespeople who are about to call on the same customer. Salesperson A is making his call at 10:00 a.m., and Salesperson B is making her call at 11:00 a.m. Before they go into … Continue reading

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Four Ways Sales Leaders Can Motivate Their Millennials

By Josiane Feigon So you think you know who your top performers are? The Bridge Group and VorsightBP studied more than 2,000 sales professionals, including individual contributors, front-line managers, and directors. The study focused on the management qualities of and … Continue reading

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Eleven Ways to Run a Great Team Sales Meeting

By Josiane Feigon  Salespeople know that every second spent away from sales-related activities impacts their ability to meet their revenue targets. You can’t just stumble into your next team meeting unprepared. At the same time, you should not think that … Continue reading

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Can Average Sales Performers Ever Be Rock Stars?

By Duncan Lennox Whenever I have conversations with senior executives or CEOs about driving sales performance, there’s a tendency to focus on the “rock stars,” that relatively small group of high performers. Frequently, they are described as “natural salespeople,” good … Continue reading

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Your Brand Is Not Your Business Card: Empower a Winning Sales Culture

By Kevin Warren, president of strategic growth initiatives at Xerox. Meet him on March 10 at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Philadelphia, where he will share more insight about sales-leadership success and personal brands. Jay-Z is one of my favorite performers, and he knows … Continue reading

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Jump-Starting a Stalled Sales-Recruitment Program

By Sabrina Balmick Every sales-recruiting effort needs revving up now and again. For companies facing recruiting challenges, this means rethinking not only who they hire but how they hire. After all, you can attract the best candidates, but if your … Continue reading

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Three Feedback Pitfalls to Avoid While Sales Coaching

When providing salespeople with feedback during sales coaching, it’s easy to fall into feedback pitfalls. If you are like most sales managers, you’re probably giving feedback to your team members the same way it was given to you. Yet recent … Continue reading

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How to Land a Meeting with Your Prospect

Many sales professionals believe that sales are made based on the strength of relationships with prospects and customers. In other words, it’s all about who you know. In the current selling environment, however, some might argue that success in sales … Continue reading

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How Sales Leaders Can Avoid the Quarter-End Crunch

One simple way to avoid the quarter-end crunch is to inject deal predictability and efficiency into the sales process. How? Start with the contract. Continue reading

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VPs of Sales: Challenge Your Managers to Think Differently About Sales Productivity

If you run sales, take this as an opportunity to challenge your team to think differently. Here are five questions to ask. Continue reading

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