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Six Tips to Enhance Your One-on-One Coaching Meetings with Salespeople

Which of the following statements best describes your opinion, as a sales leader, of one-on-one meetings? They’re the best way to stay connected to salespeople and drive pipeline opportunities forward. They’re a low-value activity and should be skipped when more … Continue reading

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10 Signs You’re a Great Sales Manager

  If you agree with these statements, you’re performing exceptionally well in all your roles as manager. If you come up short, it might be time for a management course or a conversation with your own manager to determine how … Continue reading

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Seven Motivational Questions for Sales Managers

The universal question all sales managers ask is: How can I motivate my people? Through hundreds of research reports, one message rings loud and clear: to increase motivation, create an atmosphere where the salespeople motivate themselves. When a salesperson feels … Continue reading

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How Leaders Inspire Teams to Take Action

To get better results from your sales meetings, study how great speakers inspire others to take action. Great leaders and great speakers all have carefully planned conclusions to speeches that inspire others to act. Think of President John F. Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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New Sales Conversations Helped Us Regain Our Competitive Edge

Often it’s difficult to realize and accept that changing your business approach could be beneficial or necessary – especially if your company is well-established and an industry leader.
Thanks to changing healthcare regulations and growing … Continue reading

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Predictions and Priorities for Social Business in 2012 – Part I

My pet peeve about the annual predictions ritual is that they lack context for action. It’s nice to know that tablets and big data are important — but what should you do about it?
So here’s my attempt at not only forecasting but also to pro… Continue reading

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A Plan to Onboard New Sales Hires

It’s Monday morning and your newest salesperson is starting in an hour. What are you going to do? Show her the coffee machine and new desk and go about your business? Turn her away and ask her to come back another day?
Sometimes, it seems like it’s eas… Continue reading

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Transitioning from Sales to Management

The Harvard Business Review article, “Selling is Not About Relationships,” (the title is misleading) categorizes sales people into 5 buckets:

Relationship Builders focus on developing strong personal and professional relationships and advocates across… Continue reading

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How to Succeed as a Sales Manager

As a sales manager and leader, are you measuring the right metrics for sales success?
At Vantage Point Performance, we recently wrote a book based on a groundbreaking research study we conducted about the metrics that leading sales forces are using to … Continue reading

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Why Sales Success Starts with Credibility

There are four very basic sales management questions that a great front line or senior sales leader should be able to answer “yes” to:
1) Do your people trust you?
2) Do they have clarity on overall strategy?
3) Do you make yourself available to them?
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