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Insight for More Excellent Sales Management in 2013

This week Inc.com announced that bad managers cost the economy $360 billion in lost productivity annually. Hopefully, your sales managers aren’t making any personal contributions to this statistic. Either way, we thought it couldn’t hurt to assemble some collective insight for better … Continue reading

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Stop Hiring the Wrong Sales Reps

According to Peak Sales Recruiting, the cost of adding the wrong salesperson to your team can total nearly seven times the annual salary for the position. Yikes! How can sales leaders mitigate the danger of making an unwise hiring investment? … Continue reading

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Sales Leaders, Ditch Your Outdated Ideas about Hiring

A lot of sales leaders let old myths about hiring get in the way of finding superstar candidates.
The myths I’m talking about are based on the idea that certain characteristics or qualities can magically help you identify your next top performer … Continue reading

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A Plan to Onboard New Sales Hires

It’s Monday morning and your newest salesperson is starting in an hour. What are you going to do? Show her the coffee machine and new desk and go about your business? Turn her away and ask her to come back another day?
Sometimes, it seems like it’s eas… Continue reading

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Where Do Great Front-Line Sales Managers Come From?

Managing a sales team is one of the most important positions in a company. Great sales managers have a profound impact on the productivity of their sales teams and produce better sales results. Managing a sales team is also one of the most challenging … Continue reading

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