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Lessons in Determination: Remembering Muriel Siebert

This week we mark the anniversary of the death of financial-industry pioneer Muriel Siebert with this history of her perseverance in the face of rejection and adversity. — Selling Power Editors Muriel Siebert established her legacy as a trailblazer when … Continue reading

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Determine Your Best Sales Management Style

Today’s post is by Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, which has sold more than 13 million copies.  Certainly, the people being supervised are the key variable in determining a sales management style. No question about it. … Continue reading

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Three Things Your High-Performing Salespeople Do Differently

By Tony Yeung  Our clients often ask us to benchmark them against leading sales organizations. Unfortunately, we often find that concrete insight from the data is limited. The data may lack sufficient detail or is hard to collect. Even if … Continue reading

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Seven Motivational Questions for Sales Managers

The universal question all sales managers ask is: How can I motivate my people? Through hundreds of research reports, one message rings loud and clear: to increase motivation, create an atmosphere where the salespeople motivate themselves. When a salesperson feels … Continue reading

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How Leaders Inspire Teams to Take Action

To get better results from your sales meetings, study how great speakers inspire others to take action. Great leaders and great speakers all have carefully planned conclusions to speeches that inspire others to act. Think of President John F. Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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Sales Leaders, Keep Your Millennials Happy and Hungry

By Josiane Feigon  Unless otherwise noted, statistics and trends cited within are taken from “MTV Studies Millennials In The Workplace: Uses It To Transform Its Own, Maybe Even Yours.” Millennials are rocking the sales world big time. We love their … Continue reading

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How to Move Up in Your Organization: 4 Tips from Legendary Leaders

If you’re interested in moving up to a higher position in your organization, prove you can think strategically — beyond quota — toward the good of the company as a whole. Use these tips to get started. Find effective strategies. Vision is … Continue reading

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Why Great Leaders Seem Crazy

All great leaders share a vision for success. Sometimes, that vision can be so new, radical, or unique that others call them crazy. Steve Jobs famously made Apple’s slogan “Think Different,” in the late 1990s. As the television commercial said, … Continue reading

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How the Best Execs Get to the Top: Q&A with Joe Nocera

They make friends. They hire smart. They take the hits. For New York Times business columnist Joe Nocera, who has written about the Buffetts, Eisners, and Trumps of the business world for more than 25 years, a few leadership qualities stand out. … Continue reading

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A Dream to Run the Perfect Company (The L.L. Bean Story)

L.L. Bean was born in 1912, when Leon L. Bean (who was orphaned at age 12 and left school after completing the eighth grade) designed his own boot with a leather upper and rubber bottom. According to company legend, the … Continue reading

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