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How to Move Up in Your Organization: 4 Tips from Legendary Leaders

If you’re interested in moving up to a higher position in your organization, prove you can think strategically — beyond quota — toward the good of the company as a whole. Use these tips to get started. Find effective strategies. Vision is … Continue reading

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Why Great Leaders Seem Crazy

All great leaders share a vision for success. Sometimes, that vision can be so new, radical, or unique that others call them crazy. Steve Jobs famously made Apple’s slogan “Think Different,” in the late 1990s. As the television commercial said, … Continue reading

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How the Best Execs Get to the Top: Q&A with Joe Nocera

They make friends. They hire smart. They take the hits. For New York Times business columnist Joe Nocera, who has written about the Buffetts, Eisners, and Trumps of the business world for more than 25 years, a few leadership qualities stand out. … Continue reading

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A Dream to Run the Perfect Company (The L.L. Bean Story)

L.L. Bean was born in 1912, when Leon L. Bean (who was orphaned at age 12 and left school after completing the eighth grade) designed his own boot with a leather upper and rubber bottom. According to company legend, the … Continue reading

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Love and Leadership: Celebrating the Great Nelson Mandela

"If people can learn to hate, they can be taught to love." – #NelsonMandela, RIP & may your words live on… — Katie Couric (@katiecouric) December 5, 2013 People around the world paused to commemorate the incredible life of … Continue reading

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Executive Tweets: Richard Branson Goes Bananas

In this edition of Executive Tweets, Richard Branson goes bananas, Al Gore remembers his father’s advice for President Kennedy, and Gerhard Gschwandtner wants to help him help you. The key ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is to … Continue reading

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How to Retain and Motivate Sales Reps: Money versus Happiness

All sales leaders want to motivate reps to high levels of performance and retain their top earners. What’s the secret to success in these areas? To find out, you might start by asking sales reps what they want in exchange … Continue reading

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Attitude Determines Altitude: Selling Power Says Goodbye to Zig Ziglar

This week great motivator, author, and sales leader Zig Ziglar passed away at the age of 86. We searched our archives and republished some of our best articles featuring Ziglar’s insight and wisdom. Click the links below to read more … Continue reading

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Insight for More Excellent Sales Management in 2013

This week announced that bad managers cost the economy $360 billion in lost productivity annually. Hopefully, your sales managers aren’t making any personal contributions to this statistic. Either way, we thought it couldn’t hurt to assemble some collective insight for better … Continue reading

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A Ten-Point Sales Leadership List for 2013

by Gerhard Gschwandtner As we near the end of 2012, I’m certain about one thing: your success in sales will be dictated by how well you anticipate your buyer’s needs and expectations. Here’s a list of questions that can help … Continue reading

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