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Why Love (Not Money) Makes Great Leaders: Insight from Dr. Herb Greenberg

According to Dr. Herb Greenberg, founder of Caliper Corporation, great leaders are not motivated by money. This is just one of the conclusions Dr. Greenberg drew from his extensive research on the qualities and characteristics that make great leaders, which … Continue reading

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Stop Hiring the Wrong Sales Reps

According to Peak Sales Recruiting, the cost of adding the wrong salesperson to your team can total nearly seven times the annual salary for the position. Yikes! How can sales leaders mitigate the danger of making an unwise hiring investment? … Continue reading

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How Sales Leaders Can Avoid the Quarter-End Crunch

One simple way to avoid the quarter-end crunch is to inject deal predictability and efficiency into the sales process. How? Start with the contract. Continue reading

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5 Important Blog Posts for Sales Leaders

Links to five great blog posts for sales leaders about these topics: sales compensation, Sales 2.0, social enterprise, communicating with prospects, the B2B buyer cycle. Continue reading

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